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Free AVI to DVD Converter

AVI to DVD is a powerful software in order to convert AVI file to DVD format for free with just few clicks. Besides, It also support convert and burn AVI, OGM, MKV, MP4, WMV, DVD to DVD/SVCD/VCD with excellent quality. Free download the totally free software to convert and burn AVI movies to DVD format now.

Features of the AVI to DVD freeware

How to burn AVI to DVD for free?

Step 1: Run the free AVI to DVD burner and press Step1 by click the Load avi/ogm/mkv/wmv button to load your .avi video files.

free avi to dvd converter

Step 2: Press Step2 and Choose DVD for output format.

avi to dvd freeware

Step 3: Press Step3 and pick your favorite encoder.

burn avi to dvd freeware

Step 4: Press Step4 and load your Textual Subtitle. There 3 sets of subtitles: Subtitle 1, Subtitle 2 and Subtitle 3.

avi to dvd for free

Step 5: Click the Add Job button. Once you have the job in the Job Queue list, simply click the Go !!! button to begin the AVI to DVD format convert.

convert avi to dvd freeware

Step 6: Burn the generated image.

Note: The free AVI to DVD converter software is codec dependent so mega-codec packages may affect the functionality of the AVI to DVD burning freeware. Try to install the codecs that are recommended on the features section. Morgan splitter is known for istance that gives several problems with this burn AVI to DVD free program. Nero filters too... Once you have a codec problem make sure that you have uninstalled the unsupported codec and try reinstalling the AVI to DVD freeware again.